Who Am I?

It was a cold winter morning and Ambhi was standing in the Living room, looking at the balcony and lawn through big glass windows. The fluffy white snow was starting to fall at a very fast pace and in no time the entire place is going to be covered with Snow. There was a voice […]

5 Years here. Thank You, Minnesota

Five years ago, on this day – January 29, 2013, we landed in Minneapolis around 2:30 pm after 21 hours in flight for a 120 degree temperature shift. Since then, what an extraordinary 5 years it had been. It started as a 1.5 years assignment at Target, got extended to be 2 years, then 2.5 […]

Thank You, 2017. Welcome 2018

2017 is a Year that is made memorable in the same way as 2010 (Adhruth‘s birth) or 2007 (Marriage) by Avyukth coming into our lives. We began 2017 not knowing what was in store for us. Totally surprise, 2017 is Year of Avyukth. One year has changed a lot, family of 3 becomes a family […]

XI Days with iPhone X

The moment Apple announced pre-order for iPhone X, I decided this time I will pre-order for sure rather than trying my luck on Day 1. Adhruth was awake for the pre-order night at 12.30 am and went back to sleep at 1.30 am. I did not even complain about that as he made me ready. […]

It’s never too cold…

I have spent most of life is Chennai, where cold means around 20 Centigrade (68F). I have heard many people tell me that Chennai has only 3 climates – Hot, Hotter and Hottest and I totally agree with that. With that as my only experience of cold, my first trip to the USA was in […]

Twitter voice

Forgot #Applewatch at home and don’t feel like walking a lot as no Activity rings will be completed #wp at August 24, 2017 at 04:51PM

Apple Watch activity ring for Stand, I got it for 21/24 hrs yesterday #wakeupearly #disturbedsleep #kidwokeup #wp at August 03, 2017 at 06:28AM