2017 is a Year that is made memorable in the same way as 2010 (Adhruth‘s birth) or 2007 (Marriage) by Avyukth coming into our lives. We began 2017 not knowing what was in store for us. Totally surprise, 2017 is Year of Avyukth.

One year has changed a lot, family of 3 becomes a family of 4. My Parents and Madhu’s Parents visit to Minneapolis. Honda CRV became Honda Odyssey. Most importantly We are loving starting all over from New born diaper sizes 

This Year has been the first time where Adhruth had one consistent Treatment Supervisor for his ABA Therapy. We are more than blessed to have that Supervisor. She is someone who thinks, plans and executes Treatment Plan. At times, we used to wonder if there is any moment she doesn’t think of her Therapy kids.

It was Adhruth’s Treatment Supervisor who talked to us about Personal Care Assistance (PCA) options for Adhruth. We spent the first half of this year learning about the process and the second half of year, working with 5 different PCAs due to availability and compatibility. Adhruth has now a PCA who works with him all days in a week and is happy to take him to Therapy and be involved in all other activities.

I have completed One Year at Atomic Data. This is a place, I love to go to Work every morning and enjoy everything here.

Personally in the last year, as part of the online writing workshop I am attending, read a lot of books (which is a achievement by itself), wrote a number of articles, few articles published in Infinithoughts and preparing for a big next year.

How can I complete about 2017 without saying, this was our 10th Wedding Anniversary. What a great blessing it to have Madhu as my Partner. Adhruth could not have asked for a much more loving, dedicated mother. Everything for her revolves around Adhruth, me and now Avyukth 


2018 is going to a BIG year. In the next few weeks, we complete 5 Years of our lives in the USA (yes, all in Minneapolis). There will be a separate post about that, for sure.

We are looking at Adhruth going back to School later this year and it is going to be a big process in matching his needs with services available in the School.

Avyukth is growing and can’t believe it is over 3 months already. Looking forward for his first birthday and all planning 

We moved into a bigger apartment in 2017 for having our Parents over to help with the delivery and we are thinking if we need to move back to an apartment / rented townhome that can meet our needs. If we decide to do that, it would be our 5th apartment in 5 years!!!!

Personally, I have started a new curiosity for books after I found a workaround by listening to books instead of reading them. Yes, it is an amazing experience listening to be books and in some cases, when the author of the books reads the book for me, I feel it is one on one experience between me and the author. Looking forward to listening to at least 20 audio books this year. List and details will be a separate post….

One of the most life transforming experience in 2017 is realizing the value of “flow with the flow…” and Surrender. How much ever I plan for 2018, I am sure HIS ways going to be what will happen and waiting to see what HE has got for us.