The moment Apple announced pre-order for iPhone X, I decided this time I will pre-order for sure rather than trying my luck on Day 1. Adhruth was awake for the pre-order night at 12.30 am and went back to sleep at 1.30 am. I did not even complain about that as he made me ready. I stayed awake for next 30 mins to be ready.

I kept AT&T app, Apple store app and the browser ready. At 2.01 CST I first tried AT&T and it said my place in the queue was ready and my wait time was 18 times. Felt weird to see an online queue to pre-order (may be that was their way to make sure site is not overloaded)

Apple store did not let me book pre-order and went to the site. It was much faster than I thought and the process for easy. Enrolled into iPhone upgrade program and then booked my SilveriPhone X 256 GB. At 2.08 am I got the email confirmation. Couldn’t believe it was that easy. Logged back into to make sure the order was registered :).


Then the day came and got the iPhone X in the mail. It was a good experience to have it on Day 1. Here is how first XI days have gone with X

  • Display without the Home Button appeared clean and smooth
  • Glass back for wireless charging made the phone look great but at the same time concerned about safeguarding it
  • Face ID setup was much easier than Fingerprint registration
  • First few hours was learning curve navigating the phone without the much familiar Home Button
  • After couple of hours made it very easy to live without Home Button. Had to google and search how to take screenshot and shut down 🙂
  • Video recording is amazing. Not tested in low light conditions but just regular 4K video is extraordinary
  • Selfie now gets Portrait mode and tried that out and the picture turned out very good that I made it my Facebook and Twitter display picture
  • After the first day never ever got to the Home Button and never missed it anymore
  • Restoring from iCloud and getting all the 35,000 + Pictues, Video and 5,000+ songs ran overnight
  • Got the Otterbox Signature case from Apple to save the Phone from any eventuality. With a $1,000 phone cannot just go with Apple Care
  • Earlier, I was using iPhone 7+ with Mophie battery case and compared to that size and weight this seems way too light with the case
  • I am glad the same wireless charging base of Mophie works with iPhone X. Ufff, one less accessory to buy.

Now testing the most Important feature – Face ID

After setup, tried things like ywaning, chewing, pout, different facial gesture and iPhone clearly let me in. Then tried with hat, glasses, fully dark room and everything worked as expected.

Finally, got one instance when it couldn’t get my face and cannot blame it on the phone as I was wearing my CPAP mask at that time. I am actually happy it didn’t work that way.

Yes, only one Face can be configured and I have it not be allowed without my eyes open.

After XI days, I feel Face ID is faster, easy and comfortable than Fingerprint and Home Button.

Didn’t experience any of the weird noise problem, green line in cold weather or any other issues. So far, pretty impressed with the new toy.