I was sitting in non-doing just outside the temple, after offering my prayers and for some reason I started thinking about him. I have heard about him for over two decades; our relationship has gone through a lot of stages and has grown to a new dimension today.

When I have 10-years-old, I have gone to him whenever I needed something. It was always a one-way relationship for me with him. He gives me and I will take it. After a while, shamelessly, I will ask him more and he does not hesitate to give me something else. As a kid, like in many families, there was also a sense of fear associated in relating with him. He was not a very friendly person since he does not talk or that was my assumption then!

When I was 15 years old, I was continuously told, keeping him happy is not a very easy task. He expects a lot from me and is very demanding. Now, the only way that he will listen and fulfill my demands is to do things that he likes. When I heard this repeatedly from my grandmother and mom, who are very frequent visitor to his house, I was naturally caught into that belief. So, my thought was, if I need ‘something‘ from him and I must do or give ‘something‘ that he likes it appeared to be purely transactional.

Around the same time, I started hearing negative things about him. Though many times, he gave what I needed, there were my family members and relatives who cursed him because he did not give them what they asked and most importantly he took away some things from them that they possessed most dearly.

As I grew up and my intelligence was expanding, I wanted to know more about him, how he works, why people run to him always with their needs, how he manages fulfilling some desires while not fulfilling a few others, what are his criteria and most importantly what should I do to get his love and attention so that he keeps giving what I need. Everyone around me said, it is just not possible to mark him in clear black and white. He cannot be understood so easily, for he is a mystery man. He appeared certainly mysterious. Though he took different forms, commonly he was called with one name – GOD.

It was at this point in my life, my beloved Guru Mahatria walked into my life. I was 24 when I first met him. He had answers for the questions in my mind about the mystery ‘Him’. He made me experience GOD. How I look at everything around me changed from that moment.

Tears started trickling down my eyes I am sitting outside the temple contemplating ; even a thought about my beloved Guru triggers tears of gratitude. Everything that is happening in my life is because of my Guru’s benevolence and GOD’s grace. I do not know what I have done in my life to be so blessed!

What a great blessing to be born in a country like India. Teaching me My country has taught me ‘Unity in Diversity’ and exposed me to different languages, cultures, climatic conditions, food habits and what not. If we travel few hours on road from my home town, everything I see including the terrain of land will be different from where I started. Thanks, to the transferable job of my father, I have been exposed to the different parts of this glorious country.

I have seen people who don’t have either their father or mother or both, alive. But HE has given me a great live to experience grandparents, ‘great’ grandparents, good siblings, loving wife and a Child to adore.

When I was in School, I have seen kids who have not been able to go to School due to financial needs and instead have gone to work to earn money for their family. Here I am with my Post Graduation in Computers. I don’t know why HE chose me and what did I do to deserve this…

The other side of transferable job of my father made me build new friends every two years. Most importantly I learnt not to get too attached in relationships. This helps me even today.

In a life, even having a friend who shares my like and dislike is not easy, but in my life HE found a life partner for me who shares most of my likes and dislikes and supports me on things that I am interested in doing, even if that is not something she is interested in. Nothing ever great has been achieved by anyone who is unhappy at home. What a great blessing to have such an amazing spouse in my life. This bliss in family cannot be without His grace and blessings.

In my friends group, I have seen couples long for a child in their life. In our life, he gifted us a ‘gifted and special’ child and that is the best thing that could have happened to us. How to explain this other than just believing that it is His way of making us live our life to the fullest.

While there are a lot of people who are jobless or are forced in jobs that they don’t enjoy, here I am doing a job that I love and can take Pride of. With HIS blessings, there has not been a single day in my 17 years of Career that I have been without a job. Thinking about job in 2 different global locations, 3 different cities, 7 different companies – everything has only upgraded my resume – what have I done, to receive these opportunities!

Amidst people complaining about bad and tough bosses, I have got the experience of working with bosses who know how to get the best out of me and push me out of my comfort zone to make me a better individual and a better person. What a blessing!

I have heard about saints, wandering in mountains, going without food for multiple days to weeks at a stretch to experience GOD. Being in this beautiful world, amidst all comforts, my spiritual Guru has made me experience Silence and introduced me to ‘My GOD’. What have I done in this world, which is better than those Yogis and Saints for me to get such a divine and beatific experience.

I am not without my share of blemishes in life. But HE give me all these despite of my blemishes. He does not stop there but helps me overcome my blemishes by learnings through life experiences. He has not given up on me and makes me what I ought to be.

I cannot stop but wonder, what has HE seen in me that he keeps giving me so much in my life without being asked for. My GOD thinks I am very special and is continuously gifting me every single moment. Yes, some of these also involve me doing some activities and responding to things but it is all because of HIM, for even my little thumb cannot move if he wishes against it.

If somebody should be consistently blessing me with so much in my life, how much should his love be…infinite! Sitting outside the temple, I was drenching in His infinite love for me. Thank you my GOD.