I have been using iPad Pro (12.9″) as my Primary Work and Home device for close to an year now. Although, there are some things I cannot do in iPad – this post is not about that :-). I have tried 3 different Keyboards for the iPad over last 12 months.

Initially, I was disappointed with Apple Keyboard on its layout and usage and never bought it. The First one I tried was Logitech Create – Gold Color, to complement the Gold iPad Pro. It was great for typing and loved that it connected to the iPad with the Smart Connector and did not rely on Bluetooth. But the problem with that was it can only be used in one viewing position and cannot be adjusted and the second one was, taking it out of the case to use just the iPad was not easy at all.

Then moved to Zagg Keyboard case for iPad Pro. It had backlight keyboard that connected to the iPad through Bluetooth. It had a case for the iPad and Keyboard was sturdy. Certainly was very bulky and heavy. It was great to try out and use, but overtime, the keyboard would not stand on the hinge and would keep falling down after long use.

Before buying Zagg, when I was researching for Keyboards, that is when I came across BRYDGE PRO keyboard for iPad Pro big size. Have seen great review comments for Brydge Air and Mini. That time, Brydge was in Pre-order and would not ship until over 5 months later. Did the Pre-order for Gold Brydge Pro. As I was waiting to get my hands on the Keyboard, iPad Pro small size was launched and to make sure they dont get confused with the name, this was now called BRYDGE 12.9 to be in line with the size of the iPad. They started shipping may be about 2 months ago but Gold was the last color they started shipping.

Its been close to a month that I am using BRYDGE keyboards and certainly can say, this is THE BEST I have used for typing with my iPad. Makes the whole experience so seemless, just like a Laptop. The hinges was something I was not fully confident till trying it out. I have always used cases for all my iDevices and this one cannot go in the hinge with any case. But I am loving how the keyboard case now compliments the iPad color. Not had any issue with iPad falling off the hinges or going down when using. Oh, yes, when I use it close to 180 degrees, it went down couple of times, but that is not bad at all. It has been a great experience and support for the iPad. Feels like it should have been made by Apple in first place to make the iPad much easier and better to user. Love the Backlight and the ability to control basic iPad operations from the Keyboard including Music track. The only thing that could have been great is to use Smart Connector instead of the Bluetooth.

Here are some pictures of iPad pro with the Keyboard case (pictures taken using Portrait mode in iOS 10.1)