I woke up around 4 AM (thanks to Adhruth) on the day Pre-order opened and when I was trying to book, I was already looking at 2-4 weeks for delivery. Placed an order for iPhone 7 Plus Gold (similar to the 6 Plus Gold) as that was faster delivery scheduled between September 24-26. I was skeptical about Jet Black for scratches especially when Apple recommended case for that. Then thought may be after 2 years of Gold, I want a different color and changed my mind to Black and that pushed my delivery date to October first / second week.

On the launch day and next couple of days, checked with any Apple store, AT&T or Target have any phone for me to immediately pick it up. Nothing was available (as expected, since noone received Plus models).

After a week of new Phone launch, randomly checked at Target.com and found store in Maple Grove had iPhone 7 plus 256 GB (the storage I wanted) but in Jet Black color. I thought I looked at it wrong because Jet Black was always 2 months of wait with Apple. I called up the Store and went there to pick it up and the Store Mobile Engineer did a great job of explaining iPhone 7 plus and how Jet Black one single phone is all they got and noone was there to buy it. I grabbed it and between the time of me getting it from the Store to the Zagg shop for putting screen protector, my finger print was all over the back side of the phone.

It looked gorgeous and certainly much better than the pictures that Apple showed. I always use Phone with a case (thanks to Adhruth, again) and hence did not mind Jet Black. I added a layer of screen protection on the back side of the phone and was not happy with any case I saw at Zagg. Walked into the Apple store in Ridgedale and like the Tech21 case I saw there.

iPhone for 2 weeks, here is how it is

  • 256 GB space is excellent for my 26,000+ photos (I recently moved all pictures in my hard disk / external storage to iCloud and still not gone over my 200 GB iCloud backup)
  • Installed it as a New Phone, so that settings doesnot get confused with multiple phone jumps. Took long time to download all my Music library into my phone (may be it took one full overnight for download)
  • Raise to wake functionality certainly annoyed me (though I tried iOS 10 beta but it was on 6 Plus which does not have that ability). So, turned it off after day 2
  • Love the Camera. Clarity is excellent. Seeing some big difference from 6 Plus. Zooming fully doesnot distort image. With the case, camera bump is not a big deal. Randomnly, when taking a picture from the iMessage window, phone acted as if it was rebooting
  • Home button vibrating, seemed moving fluid button. Still getting used to that feel for every touch of the home button
  • Between 6 Plus and 7 Plus (missing 6S), there is better performance especially with iOS

iOS 10

  • Siri understands me much better. Yes, Siri is excellent upgrade from previous versions. Integrations with other apps, makes it much more easier. Great job here.
  • Love the new Music app. Makes it easy to sort and browse
  • iMessage has lots of additional effects when sending message and is cool. Only thing is, I am not sure how many times I will use that. May be just a couple of times each week
  • Editing pictures and adding notes is a great improvement in Photos app

Overall, between Public beta 1 and now got used to lot of functionalities to an effect I dont really think anything was new with iOS10 🙂