People who know me knows the side of me, where I am not always super comfortable starting a conversation with a Stranger and would certainly avoid it in all possibilities until I am comfortable. But this time, as part of Megha Bajaj Wonder Of Words Online writing workshop, I was asked to team up with Bina Pillai and was hesitant to start. Once we talked with each other and shared our journeys there were lots of similarities and yes – both are different as well. After that initial couple of minutes in Whatsapp – it never appeared I was speaking to someone for the first time. Over the next couple of days was more comfortable and here is our expression together on “What it means to be SPECIAL”, talking about our loving ones

I’m unique different and interesting,
I too see beauty in everything.
I’m slow and want to do at my own pace ,
But the world is a different rat race .

When you can multitask I can do only one task .
When you tell me let’s talk,
My hand moves and not my mouth.
When you tell me listen ,
I need to put the machine then.

You tell me lets drink milk
I need my tube button open and not my mouth,
You tell me Let’s play
I play in my world and may not need Toys

You tell me you are weird and don’t mingle
it’s not my fault and I don’t find it funny,
But the world doesn’t understand ,
That’s why I’m special!

Inspite of all the hurdles I’m made to face,
Sometimes I too win the race
I am not the one to give up.
You put me down and I will bounce back again.

I love my friends but I’m shy
Because I know I’m not like you ,
My logic is different and may make you laugh
But I’m sad because you want me to be like you

I wish to be adventurous ,do lifts and turns
Life is a struggle ,because I cannot do,
But the world wants me like you!

Will you have patience with me and stay?
I did not do any wrong but I was made this way.
I implore to you please understand ,
I’m not like you and so I’m called,
Heaven’s special child!

Special children need special parents,
HE does not create everyone equal
But HE creates some exclusively
And that’s what you call Special