My First Poem

The best way to start (re-start) by blogs is with the very first poem I have written – as part of the Online Writing workshop that I am doing. Here is link to Adhruth’s website.

Through my heart
I see you – my little boy
My eyes glitter seeing
Smile on your face

To everyone outside
You may seem different
But to me,
You mean the World

When I sit back and think,
Life is good because,
I have you in it
What else can I ask for.

I will be there for you no matter what
You are the one and only one I love a lot
The blessed day in my life was
When I introduced me as your Father

I wanted to teach you Life
But, You showed me Love
I wanted to teach you Science
But, You taught me Acceptance

Being a parent to you,
Is satisfying, peaceful,
Fulfilling, blissful
For you keep us Smiling

Others will judge you,
By what they only see
You are beyond any judgement
Adhruth – You are HIS masterpiece


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9 replies

  1. kavingare, nanna irukku. all real and true facts. Any one knows about Asruth, will not only enjoy ur poem, but also include you in their prayers. Hats off buddy


  2. Great poem. I really liked and loved all the words in the Poem. Adhurth is soooo lucky to have you as his Father. Proud of you all!


  3. What a wonderful first attempt, Yagya! Your family is such an inspiration and this poem just warms the heart. God bless you all!


  4. Very nice poem Ganesh. Adhruth is really lucky to have you in his life !!!


  5. Very nice poem Ganesh. Well done. Adhruth is really lucky to have you in his life !!


  6. Just beautiful !!!


  7. Awesome Yagya & Adhruth 🙂


  8. Beautiful Poem You Are A Wonderful father!


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