– Small town totally out of the crowd, pollution, excessive cars and more importantly IT companies :-)

– Place where everyone in the street knows each other very well personallly to an extent, where they can walk in to the house anytime to speak with you.

– Narrow gap between houses on both sides is being “Vasal telichu and kolam pottu” in a uniform way.

– People sitting and chatting in the Veetu THINNAI.

– Small temple, amidst a small lake on side and “Vayal” on the other side

BREEZE of the trees in the middle of vayakadu which you feel would even blow you off

– Milk in the house comes from the Cowin the kollapuram

– A door in the house which actually connects you to the house that is next to you. (In olden days, these doors would connect from the first house all through the last house)

– A function in your house, is being celebrated happily, joyfully as if it is their house function by your neighbours

– Mangais for the manga urugai comes from own mango grove

– Putting a thalani in the hall and lyling down, the breeze making you sleep even in the summer noon

– When you are given a cup of Tea / Coffee, you are expected to “Thooki kudi” (drink with the tumbler not touching your lips)

– When you enter a house as a guest, everyone in the house come to welcome you in.

– When the guest are there, spend time talking with them rather than seeing TV

Is it not going through this list amazing…….

When I type this post, I am able to experience them again!!!!

Me and Madhu experienced all of this within a day in Kallidaikurichi (my native place) near Tirunelveli.